Green thinking

Brummel's eco-friendly mission

The eco-friendly development is considered as a necessary attention for humans and progress, in order to satisfy the present needs without involve future needs”. This process requires different actions, a mix between ENERGETIC balance in sources and forms, ETHICAL acts respecting human beings and environment and EMOTIONAL in order to accomplish a personal awareness through these elements. Brummel's production process promotes these important values as per products' quality, safety and health which, with the FSC Certificate (forest control program) becomes a choice of excellence. The solid wood employment, avoid any formaldehyde emission.


The Brummel’s production system is a perfect mix of quality, safety and non-toxic nature of products, using FSC controlled origin raw materials: the use of solid wood ensures that Brummel products have zero formaldehyde emissions

Eco-friendly finishing

The environmentally-friendly finishes and water-based varnishing cycles guarantee a healthier environment and protect the health of clients from toxic emissions.


The exclusive use of water base finishing, the reuse of the waste and self-heating system, make Brummel a totally eco-friendly company. The company has an in-house incinerator which burns wood scraps at very high temperatures, with minimum emission of smoke into the atmosphere (only 0,003 mg/mc) and produces thermal energy for heating the building.